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Professional English translations for your texts

There’s no denying it:

English is omnipresent in our daily lives. And forms the centrepiece of your international branding. Languages can also be a source of inspiration.
But they will only ever contribute to your success if they are used competently. So get ahead of the game and gain your competitive edge now. How? By entrusting translation of your texts to me. I’ll transform them into impeccable English and create memorable content that will help to boost your international presence.

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The advantages of working with a native speaker are clear: I ensure that the very essence of your message is also conveyed.

What do translation and handicrafts have in common? The right materials, tools and skills are needed for both. In short: a mixture of language competence, meticulous research and linguistic creativity.

I am not only familiar with the grammar, but also the intricacies of both English and German. I fully grasp the humour, emotions and intentions and can convey these to the target audience.

Not only what you say is important, but also how you say it. I find just the right words in English, ensure the appropriate nuances and also translate what’s being said between the lines.

English translations


Impressive products need convincing texts – especially if they’re for the international market. Stay ahead of the competition by setting yourself apart with powerful texts in English.
My expertise?
As an experienced professional translator and proofreader, I’ve been working with companies, organisations and institutions for many years now. It’s time to tap into your potential – contact me today!



Your words in impeccable English.



A meticulous bilingual review of existing texts.



A second set of eyes for your peace of mind.

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